Flight Tracking with Flightaware

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Flight Tracking with Flightaware

Post by addo »

I confess to being somewhat the anorak with this stuff. Having bits posted from overseas frequently, I love to not only follow the carrier's tracking updates but also (when it can be deduced) the flights as well.

There's something soothing yet exciting, about watching a little graphic of a plane moving along the dotted flight path, more or less one pixel at a time. :shock: Probably a bit like watching goldfish; everything is under control but it's still somehow absorbing...
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Re: Flight Tracking with Flightaware

Post by MikeT »

I know what you mean, I'm a regular visitor to FlightRadar24 (for other reasons) and even went as far as setting up and feeding in my own ADS-B reciever (hacked USB tv tuner) in order to get free premium services.