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The French Car Wiki

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We are very happy to announce the new French Car Wiki, bought to you by the administrators of the French Car Forum.

The French Car Wiki will provide a long term repository for user guides, how-tos and useful information of the sort that we all know is in the forum somewhere, but can never find!

What is a wiki?
A wiki is a website where the content is all created by the users a user editable web site.
You can upload your text and images and link them in to the existing content.
You can come along later and edit (improve) and existing page created by you or someone else.
Wikipedia is probably the best known (and largest) example of a wiki, and we are using the same software engine to power ours.

The French Car Wiki is currently pretty much empty of content, we have added a few starter pages and a but of navigation to kick things off, but it is up to YOU to find and create the content to make it a valuable tool for the future.

Will this change the forum?
The wiki will co-exist with the forum,
The forum should be used for discussions and hosting time sensitive data (including discussions about the wiki)
The wiki should be used for storing information that people will be looking for in 6 months or 10 years (including instructions for how to use the forum)
Wiki pages may use material cut and pasted from the forum archives (with attribution) or give links to forum posts
Forum posts may of course include links to wiki pages
It is hoped that most of the relevant content from the current forum "sticky" areas (e.g. superstickies, common problems and fixes) will be transferred to the wiki, to reduce forum clutter

Had enough of this rambling?

See it HERE : <== :welc:

All members of the French Car Forum will be eligible for editing accounts on the wiki.

Questions and discussion should be directed to this thread