Poor heater, steaming up?

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Poor heater, steaming up?

Post by Robin »

I have been astonished at how many owners have put up with a declining heater performance and steaming up of windows without really considering the cause.
If you have any of the models with air con then you have a cabin filter. On the Xantia it is installed under the left hand footwell on RHD vehicles and needs the removal of the felt covers to gain access to the housing. The filter housing cover slides off toward the interior of the cabin and the filter pulled down vertically. This should be replaced at least annually, ideally every six months in my experience at around 25k miles per annum.
The difference it makes to have a clear filter is staggering. Do not however be tempted to run the car without it and original parts from Andyspares are worth the small extra cost.

London luke
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Post by London luke »

This happened to me a few days ago. I was a cheat.. !! I just washed mine out. Looks better and no more steam.

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Re: Poor heater, steaming up?

Post by fivelighters »

is it in the same place for xsara 98? :?

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Post by Clogzz »

Yes, above the passenger floor space.
Pictures here for left hand drive cars:

http://www.planete-citroen.com/forum/sh ... hp?t=30640

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Post by PowerLee »

Also remember to check the outside air intake flap is working correctly.

A lot of these opened & closed with a small motor, The gears can strip or the linkage snap & you end up with a flap with a mind of its own.

I had the linkage snap on the 405 & everytime the car pointed uphill the flap would shut & the cabin would steam up, Going along the flat or downhill the flap would be open & the windows would clear quickly lol

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nice 1

Post by fivelighters »

cheers clogzz just did mine today.i did the same as london luke i washed it with kn filter cleaner dont ask me y it just seemed to be the right thing at the time :lol: and what a difference it makes iv been driving the car from november last year with the window down :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: cheers