Insurance for 2 cars

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Insurance for 2 cars

Post by elma »

I'm wondering if it's realistic to have both my Xantiae on the road. Estate as a work maul and hatchback as the nice clean one. I've never had more than one car insured and was just wondering how those of you who do have gone about it. There seems to be unlimited options and they all seem to cost a lot more than double the price for one car which can't be right. If it makes any difference I'm 32 with 14 years no Claims on a single vehicle.
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Re: Insurance for 2 cars

Post by xantia_v6 »

You might be able to put one onto a classic policy.
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Re: Insurance for 2 cars

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

I have just done this following purchase of our 2002 vintage "camping car" a citroen picasso 2.O HDi. Surpised that the tax was £145 bearing in mind its nearly £300 for my other car. Its a while since I have multicar insured, but found that the cheapest option was getting my current insurer to do it. Much lower mileage expectation on the "camping car" and the same insurance as on my current vehicle.

I would do a comparethemarket/money supermarket or whatever is your favourite comparison site and see how much it would cost to insure your second vehicle with zero no claims, and then contact your current insurer get them to do a quote for you for an additional policy with them, and see how this compares.

I was happy with the additional price I had to pay.

Regards Neil
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Re: Insurance for 2 cars

Post by isisalar »

I've recently done exactly this, now I have 2 Xantia estates, one for work and one for best. The bugbear is without doubt the fact that you can only use your NCB on one car. Having changed a few cars over the last few years I've come to the conclusion that most insurance companies are thieving bar stewards and logic just doesn't come in to it, after all you can only drive one car at a time.
On the comparison websites Allianz consistently come up with the best price for new policies but are ridiculously expensive for renewals or changing the actual vehicle, they wanted to almost treble my insurance changing one identical vehicle for another! At least a 50% increase at renewal, but cancel the policy and start anew the price then gets sensible.
In the end I found the best price and service to be with an independent broker who got me an introductory bonus on the second Xantia.
These are the people I used" onclick=";return false;
They are a proper old fashioned paper and talking outfit and I thoroughly recommend them.
Best of luck with it.
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Re: Insurance for 2 cars

Post by daviemck2006 »

I got a 20% discount on the 205 insuring it with the same company as the c5 was at the time, and my fiesta is now, still on the same policy as they did not cancel it when the c5 was written off. My son is with them too and they were the cheapest I could find, and we're spot on when I did claim in January. It's privilege insurance if you want to try them
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Re: Insurance for 2 cars

Post by DickieG »

There appears to be little logic in premiums, the cheapest car to insure in my collection (apart from the DS - classic policy) is my Merc which cost £120k new and has a top speed limited @ 186 mph, work that out!

My four everyday cars are insured with Admiral Multicar though as mentioned with every renewal I invariably have to question the quoted premium and negotiate a more sensible figure.