307 1.6HDi fault codes

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307 1.6HDi fault codes

Post by ls52 »

Hi All,

Recently have had my intercooler replaced which was about 2 months ago now. Although I am now getting further engine codes coming up which are as follows:

What could be causing this?

Any advise welcome! :)
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Re: 307 1.6HDi fault codes

Post by bangerdemon »

P0299 - Charge pressure regulation : Air pressure below the reference value
P0100 - Air flow measure : Quantity of air above the maximum threshold
P1351 - Pre-heating relay circuit : Coherence ; Relay supplied and glow plugs not supplied
P3008 - Air circuit : Air flow higher than recommended

I would say you have an air leak or blockage somewhere, but could be wrong!!!

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Re: 307 1.6HDi fault codes

Post by Gibbo_Wirral »

All pretty common codes, a Google should give you links to threads where similar faults have happened. Always read live data though before blindly changing parts - P0100 could lead you to fitting a new MAF, but it could be a bad connection.
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