Partner van 1.9d Idle issue

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Partner van 1.9d Idle issue

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Hi to all,

I'm new to the forum & new to Peugeot. Previously a Renault man and could figure out their problems easily enough.

I've just acquired a 2005 Partner 1.9 (non turbo) van 147,000 on the clock. The one thing that has straight away confused me somewhat is the idle speed.

First start of the day she ticks over at between 1000 -1100 (assumed cold start), after a short run (3 miles or so) the tick over increases to anything between 1500 & 1700. If I turn it off then on again it will return to 1100 until I've driven it even if it's only 1/2 mile or so. Something is obviously amiss somewhere. Ohh it has stood for about 4 months if that helps.

Any ideas to a common problem or even an easy fix would be appreciated.
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Re: Partner van 1.9d Idle issue

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First, welcome to the forum. :welc:

I would suggest that you take a look on the following link, which is of members who have the Lexia system (used to read codes, etc. on the Citroen and Peugeot cars), and are willing to help; ... 19&t=29178" onclick=";return false;
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