H10 ACX is back on sale

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H10 ACX is back on sale

Post by Ocellia » 04 Jun 2015, 21:50

Those of you in the know will know of this car?
It's arguably the best Ser 2 Turbo CX in Britain!
you might like to know that H10 ACX ,the wonderfully rebuilt-by-Fil turbo car, is again for sale in Swindon. I drove it yesterday.
Since Fil's fix, it's been improved further by complete Leather interior, stainless exhaust and repaint bumpers. MOT this week; new steering bits last week.

If anyone asks, etc.....£9000 now, but with that level of rebuild, not over priced. Only 66K miles!
Send me your email address and I can send pics and some details and can let owner know. He's been offered an SM!.

Mods; note I'm not selling here! Just acting as information!