This may be normal.......

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This may be normal.......

Post by Xantianut »

Ay up!!!

Greetings from God's Own County*!

On the motorway trip, the aircon was working well. Too well in fact. The outside temp gauge was showing a bracing 11 Celcius yet, despite setting the climate control to 21 Celsius, the aircon was belting out vast quantities of icy cold air. Now, being new to aircon, I'm wondering if this is normal behaviour but it was fizzing cold in there! I opened the window for some warmer air in fact.

Now I have a Lexia on order but just wondering if there is a potential fault that could cause this? Or should I just man up and put on a sweater?

*That's Yorkshire for you poor souls who know the place not!
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Re: This may be normal.......

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

If my memory is correct (based on what I have read on the forum), there is a flap system that adjusts the temperature of the incoming air. Unfortunately the motors to the flaps have short splined stems, and it is not unusual for this to fail. Citroen have upgraded these to have longer stems, so they are less likely to fail. Other than that, I cannot offer any more information (but those who have had the problem should know what to do).
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Re: This may be normal.......

Post by steelcityuk »

I'm not being funny but couldn't you just turn off the A/C for this trip until you get it fixed? Citroens do seem to have trouble with their flap motors.

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Re: This may be normal.......

Post by daviemck2006 »

My second c5 did that. It's likely either the temperature flap seized or the spindle worn or both. Most likely a dash out to fix it. One of the reasons why I did not fix my car when I bashed it and sold it on.