Lucas throttle shaft seal kit oem number?

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Lucas throttle shaft seal kit oem number?

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Does anybody know the oe pugcit part number for the lucas fuel pump throttle shaft overhaul kit? I think there are 2 variants, one is just 2 orings and a gasket for the pump lid, and one is a whole new pump lid with shafts and everything.

Oe part numbers for both variants would be great.

Its for the 1st gen non-banana type n/a xuds, i think they are all the same.


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Re: Lucas throttle shaft seal kit oem number?

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i just had a quick look on service citroen under BX and ZX diesel, and cant find throttle shaft seals/repair kits listed at all,

the last time i sorted one of these i purchased the parts from ... 7675.l2563" onclick=";return false;

this is there ebay shop link as there web site is not opening, keeps timing out,

they aree very helpful and knowledgeable,

mind you order everything you need in one go as there carraige is not cheap if you forget something