an ebay question

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an ebay question

Post by citronut »

is it possible to set up an ebay account without a credit card or bank account,

i have had an inquiry from someone in Chile, asking if they can purchase an item from me, and pay by sending cash in a secure letter, or via Weston union,

i have always thought/heard it is not safe to accept Weston union cheques,

this buyer is saying they do not have a credit card or a bank account,

i have spoken to ebay customer services who say it is not possible and the buyer could be a scamer!!!!

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Re: an ebay question

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

The way I would suggest is to ask if they have a friend who could help; somebody with either a credit card bank account. They could then set up the e-bay account, pay for the item, and their friend (the guy who asked you for help) could pay them back.


Re: an ebay question

Post by Northern_Mike »

citronut wrote:
this buyer is saying they do not have a credit card or a bank account
This bit, at least in my experience of the place, is not uncommon in parts of South America. I'd not class them as a scammer on that basis alone. My parents-in-law have neither. God only knows how they bought their house.. cash rules, banks are crooks, appears to be the way. I managed to pay for one thing in 10 days with my card in Bogota!

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Re: an ebay question

Post by MikeT »

Western Union transfers are/were a scammers delight because they can be reclaimed once the seller has sent/delivered the item. I've not heard of their cheque system though but would advise equal caution. Of course any payment outside of payal payments and you lose all ebay/paypal protection (though that's not much for sellers anyway) so you need to be sure you have the CASH before sending anything otherwise you leave yourself open to possible cashback losses whatever alternatives the prospective buyer is proposing.

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Re: an ebay question

Post by Stickyfinger »

Agree......No SAFE way via out for charge backs....then your screwed.

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Re: an ebay question

Post by KP »

If they have a friend who can setup paypal then you want them to GIFT the money to you via it. This way there are no fees for either party and they cant claw the money back at all.