Length and Width differences

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Length and Width differences

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Length and Width differences Between the xantia 406 407 c5 mk 1 c5 mk 2 407 508. etc
If my xantia hdi exclusive estate cocks up in feb with mot. Ill have to change. Im put off with the now a days saloon models. The seeem s bulky and wide. and long. Surly they arnt that much between the old school ones. etc xantia 406 to the newer ones. The latest c5 seems just as big if not bigger then my estate. Must admit do struggle now and agine parking the estate with the Length to the saloon. The width worries me the most. Of the newer cars What about the 607. Looks bit thinner then the 508 but longer. I think Evern the xm looks same size if not smaller then the new c5. The c5 mk 1 looks bit wide and bulky. It seems to be the case with all saloon cars. Older generation about 10 to 15 years ago good size. Now they look s bulky and big. So to get same size as a big family saloon car back in the days. ie 406 you'll have to get a 308.
If you know what i mean .