Idle Curiosity

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Idle Curiosity

Post by addo »

I was beside a later '90s Vectra this afternoon, and noticed the seat covering looked remarkably similar in quality and appearance to that spotted French velour used on facelift Xantiæ.

Did the Vectra in fact have French fabric in it? :shock:

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Re: Idle Curiosity

Post by CitroJim »

No, they didn't. The material used was called Portland....

As in cement. All Poxhalls have seats that are so hard they seem to be made of concrete....

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Re: Idle Curiosity

Post by myglaren »


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Re: Idle Curiosity

Post by Timmo »

i concur with Jim there!
mother hired a 7 seater for a trip up to the grandparents a few years back when we were up, thye gave her a Zafira, that thing was Awful! seats were plain Nasty, on handing it back the chap asked how was it, commented on the seats, all he said was 'Your not the first to say that' ! Used to Hate cleaning them too, Nasty cheap carpets and horrid plastics!