Head lining cleaning.

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Stuart McB
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Head lining cleaning.

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If your head lining needs to be cleaned try using that new Oxy clean. Put the doseage required in to a spray bottle and spray on to the lining. Let it work it self in for about 5 mins then simply wipe off. It brought up my ZX head lining like new and even removed the previous 10 years worth of cigarette smoke (none smoker my self). [:D]

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Post by caveman_si »

This works great but remember to use the doesage stated or even a little less. Cos if u dont you will be cleaning the headlining for weeks trying to get the white stains out. And yes im speaking from experince but i now own a Pug 405 with probably the cleanest headlining in the world (well in places).
later si

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Post by bulldog »

do you know if this would work on the seat trim as i have two very messy daughters who like to put there mudy feet all over the seats in the back and the guy who owend it befor me used the bx as a work horse

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Post by chemexhants »

Beware of using this type of product to clean roof linings as any spillages are likely to bleach the colour from the upholstery.
For a safe and effective product mix 2 fluid ounces of hard surface cleaner (Flash or similar) with 2 fluid ounces of quality washing up liquid in a 500ml trigger sprayer. Top up with water. Spray onto the lining or fabric, agitate with a cloth or dishbrush, and wipe off the resulting foam. Allow to dry.
This is a very effective mixture used by many car valeters I supply with cleaning materials.

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Post by dan.2cv »

I worked as a valeter for 4 years and now I don't have access to the chemicals I just use vax machine cleaner available from the supermarket made up approx 1:5 in a spray bottle. Spray it on, leave then wipe off. Wear gloves or your hands will chap badly.
Works great for hard surfaces, headlinings and fabric door cards, but you'll need a machine to get your seats clean. It should only cost around £15 to get done professionally and will make a big difference