EGR Total Blanking Plate on 2005 C5 2.0 HDI 16V 138Bhp?

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EGR Total Blanking Plate on 2005 C5 2.0 HDI 16V 138Bhp?

Post by picnmix » 02 Sep 2014, 14:02

I'm having occasional problems (probably once every 2 or 3 weeks for about 15 mins and then it's fine) with lumpy running on my 2005 C5 facelift model 2.0 HDI 16v 138bhp with 45,000 miles. The symptoms when it occurs, are unstable idle (constantly reving up and down from 500 - 1300rpm), hesitation when accelerating and a lurching feeling when driving - it holds back and then suddenly goes. No warning lights or dash messages and no errors logged when checked with Lexia.

It seemed possible that the EGR was at fault so the simple solution seemed a blanking plate. I chose the type if a small hole in centre as I was concerned that with this engine the management system might notice a totally blanked off EGR. This has seemed to improved things about 50% but its still happens and is annoying when it does. So I think I'm on to something with it being caused by the EGR valve, with it perhaps sticking and staying open when it should be closed hence the partial restriction with the holed blanking plate helping to reduce the symptoms - or perhaps not and I'm just thinking positive?! I could replace/clean the EGR value but I'm thinking the problem could be back sooner or later.

My question is with this engine (2.0 HDI 16v 138bhp) should I just fit a total blanking plate without the hole or would the engine notice and complain with messages and limp home mode?

Thanks, Chris.

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Re: EGR Total Blanking Plate on 2005 C5 2.0 HDI 16V 138Bhp?

Post by RichardW » 02 Sep 2014, 15:04

The fact that it happens every couple of weeks, for about 15 mins leads me to think it's not really the EGR valve that is causing the problems - I suspect this is related to re-genning the DPF. I would get it on a Lexia and check the DPF pressures. If they're a bit high then it might be time to get the DPF cleaned or replaced. No idea if a blanked EGR will throw a fault light or not - it will be reversible, so you could just stick one in and see what happens - what is access like on that engine?