KingAs strut top refurbish

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KingAs strut top refurbish

Post by myglaren » 02 Aug 2014, 11:50

You don't have to wait any more for disaster when your strut mount will eventually fail!

Our company renovates Citroen XM strut mounts with polyurethane. Original shape, geometry and hardness retained. Improved inside construction now preventing from splitting strut mount into two parts in case of elastomer failure (though its very unlikely with our polyurethane material). Corrosion resistant coating applied. We can renew strut mounts even with corrosion hardly damaged lower plate and also remake drivers side to passengers side and vice versa. Two years warranty is applicable for our renewed strut mount!

We are constantly enhancing quality of our products. In the attached photos strut mounts with metal shields and natural black color.

As metal cone plates deteriorate unequally so we have to repair them by welding also individually. We will add welding or additional metal where needed. Besides no rust problem will arise any more after our special, durable multilayer anticorrosive coating.

The price of XM strut head refurbishment is 60 EUR + VAT (21%). No price added for remaking drivers side to passengers or vice versa.

For Xantia strut top refurbishment price should be 50 EUR + VAT (21%)

We don't have in our stock already repaired strut heads for sale, so at the moment we can only repair your strut heads.
The shipping costs would be about £15 to one side and £15 backwards (The parcels are transported in a van once in 2 weeks):" onclick=";return false;
You can also order faster and a bit more expensive shipping.

Besides we renovate elastomer Dual-Mass Flywheels and almost any other metal-elastomer automotive part.

We are located in Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Kaunas.

Find us on facebook:" onclick=";return false; ... 6053327802
website:" onclick=";return false;
or by phone: +370 699 69591

Irmantas Galinis" onclick=";return false;

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Re: KingAs strut top refurbish

Post by CitroJim » 02 Aug 2014, 14:00

I can personally recommend this mob. Did a lovely job of two sets of XM tops for Team WFA :-D