Xsara II - Aircon won't start.

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Xsara II - Aircon won't start.

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I just bought an Xsara II -01 and the air con won't start. I have had it regased and pressure checked.

When I press A/C-Button it will light up but the clutch won't kick in and the cooling fan won't start on low speed.
When regased they also did a quick diagnostic and they said that the system had been approved to start.

I have checked the clutch by manually connect 12V to the clutch and the clutch seems to work. There are no power on the connector to the compressor.

I have now connect lexia 3 to the car and it found a permanent fault on A/C compressor.
It suggest following solution:
"Cause of the occurrence of the fault: The line of channel 7 of BSI connector 16V VE is short circuited to earth"

When looking at the BSI (BSM B5) in engine bay there are three multi-connectors whit 16 wires each. Black / Grey / Green.
Green = VERT.

So I have measured on 'Pin' 7 on the green connector (purple wire) and it is shorted to ground when still mounted. But when disconnected there is no connection at all.

I'm I measuring on the right connector?