Removing Xantia Seats - how to

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Removing Xantia Seats - how to

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Xac is having the seats from the VSX and will need to becomes "a dab hand at removing the seats" so I thought I'd be helpful and relate my recent experience.

For the front seats, you need a long T40 (IIRC) bit, 3/8 adaptor, a long extension and a good rachet (or rachet plus 12" (ish braeker bar) because the seat cushions get in the way and the bolts should be pretty tight. Haynes covers the method quite well but doesn't explain the best sequence for (un)bolting the front seats.

Start by cracking off all 5 bolts (2! at the rear of the runner nearest the centre-line) by a couple of turns. You need to slide the seat backwards and forwards to get access to front and back bolts respectively. The bolts are threaded through both the plastic mounting pads as well as the weld-nuts in the floor pan but if the weight is off the pads they just rotate (good!). Tilt the backrest back to take the weight off the front bolts while you wind them right out of floor and pads. With the front bolts removed, tilt the backrest back to vertical, push the seat forward then wind the back bolts out of the floor. Remove all 3 rear bolts. bag up bolts and pads.

It's inevitable that the seat will get picked up by the slide release bar, so manipulate the slide on each side so that it's centralised (not sticking out of either end) and lock in place with a cable tie through the pair of matching holes at the rear end of the slide. Now the seat can be picked up with no risk of the slide snagging anything (or smacking into your leg!).

Refit in same (not reverse) sequence.

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Re: Removing Xantia Seats - how to

Post by CitroJim »

Guy, an excellent guide :-D