Magic Carpet Ride

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Magic Carpet Ride

Post by ACTIVE8 »

While watching the TV, an advert came up about "magic carpet ride" something we are aware of and have enjoyed for many years.

Although they (Mercedes) made their point with chickens, so the advert was a bit fowl! :wink:

They did not feature the car at all, just chickens being moved about, to demonstrate that their (the S class) car will stay stable.

Here's the advert.........

So I looked around, and here is some more info on it...........

This is the one that calls it a "magic carpet ride."

So like the copying of DS lights that turn in corners, we also have other ideas that are copied.

Yes there is laser technology etc involved.

Although take note there are, as shown on the 2nd video, a hydraulic pump, hydraulic struts etc, and body control as on many a (hydraulic suspension) Citroen.

Other than the body control they even mention roll (Activa) control.

So as they say imitation is a form of flattery, but it's also great to have got there first!

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Re: Magic Carpet Ride

Post by citronut »

ACTIVE8 wrote:
Although they (Mercedes) made their point with chickens,
so it comes back to which came first the chicken or the egg,

as Citroen used to advertise dershies ( 2CV's ) carting baskets of egg across ploughed fields without any breakages

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Re: Magic Carpet Ride

Post by Stickyfinger »


So, just as Citroen are dropping it, others bring it back...LOL !