New Citroen Book: "Citroen: The Complete Story"

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New Citroen Book: "Citroen: The Complete Story"

Post by Citroening »

Just thought I'd post that there's a new Citroen book out soon called "Citroen: The Complete Story". ... 184797659X" onclick=";return false;

Many of you may have spoken to or even had their Citroen photographed by the author, Lance Cole, last year at various rallies which he attended.

Bit of a spiel from Amazon:
In this new view on the Citroen story, automotive/ aviation writer and design specialist Lance Cole investigates not just the details of the cars of Citroen, but the aeronautical and cultural origins that lay behind Citroen's form and function. The book digs deep into the ethos of Automobiles Citroen to create a narrative on one of the greatest car manufacturers in history. Using interviews, translations, archive documents and specially-commissioned photographs, the Citroen journey is cast in a fresh perspective. It explains in detail the influences upon Citroen design: Voisin, Lefebrve, Bertoni, Boulanger, Mages, Opron and recent Citroen designers such as Coco, Blakeslee and Soubirou. As well as all the men of the great period of 1920s - 1970s expansion, cites less well-known names of Citroen's French engineering, design, and influence such as Cayla, Gerin, Giret, Harmand, Dargent and others, to give a full picture of Citroen heritage.
Sounds like a good read, looking forward to it.

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Re: New Citroen Book: "Citroen: The Complete Story"

Post by Citroenmad »

That does sound quite good, I'll no doubt get one for my dad.


Re: New Citroen Book: "Citroen: The Complete Story"

Post by Northern_Mike »

I wonder if it mentions old André didn't actually like cars.

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