Andy's random facts about the 205

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Andy's random facts about the 205

Post by spider »

Note I'm having a quiet evening and been thinking, I cannot guarantee these are accurate however they are my knowledge. I'd appreciate any thoughts and corrections. I've not researched them I've just pulled them from memory. :lol:

Fact A. Apart from the 'font' changes (around 1986 and possibly 1992) to the instrument panel there are six types:

1. The most common one, analogue clock on the left, speedometer in the middle and fuel gauge on the right. Typically for XL/XR/GL/GR/CJ models

2. The slightly less common one, Peugeot text on the left (ie no clock) speedometer in the middle and fuel gauge on ther ight. Typically fitted to early XE's / GE's ( ? ) and possibly Juniors.

3. The XS/GT type: Tachometer, speedometer, temp and fuel gauges, not quite GTi style though. They look a bit like the 309 units (probably the same tbh)

4. Quite rare this one I've only seen a small handful. Still a small panel like 1 and 2 but tachometer on the left, speedo in the middle fuel gauge on the right. Optional extra on GR petrol engines. Never seen this configuration on a diesel.

5. The GTi panel. Also fitted to Gentry. Speedometer, tachometer, fuel, temp and oil gauges.

6. The highspec diesel panel. (I had one of these), quite rare it seems. GTi 'style' but no oil gauges. Tacho and Speedo plus fuel and temp. Oil pressure and water temp sit where oil gauges would of been. Fitted to STDT and D-Turbo models.

Fact B. For some reason they never used the TU5 (cast iron block) in the 205, preferring to fit the XU5 for the automatic for example. Seemed a bit odd as the 306 had the TU and autobox.

Fact C. There are some rare GTi automatics, UK models are typically 1.6 although some Japanese exports/imports are 1.9 usually late model with catalyst and aircon too.

Fact D. I cannot recall seeing a 205 with ABS although even going back to 1991 my D-Turbo had an ABS light in the panel.

Fact E. I not think there are any automatic cabriolets produced, I've never seen one anyway. Seems a bit of an omission somehow.

Fact F. No TU engined 205 had power steering due to nowhere to mount it, ie the TU unit does not facilitate driving another pulley from the end of the cam. A common 'fix' for this is to use the 106/Saxo electric pump from what I understand though.

Fact G. The very first 306's (yes I know this is a 205 thread!) had the 205 pedal's fitted.

Fact H. The concern with valve clearances on the 1.8XUD I would guess only happened to this unit as its the only one as far as I'm aware that did not have an oil cooler fitted. No NA 1.8 205 did combined with (usually) no temp gauge slightly hot running engines were not always spotted early. TD's had an oil cooler although it was vertically mounted to due space reasons. It would be a bit too close to the radiator otherwise. Suspect the Visa was the same ie no temp gauge.

Fact I. The 205TD did not have the "tophat" fuel filter assembly as they'd have to design new hoses for it or ditch the oil cooler otherwise. This is why later 205 diesels that are NA have the top-hat assembly and TD units retain the filter behind the battery.

Fact J. The TD's had the glowplug relay mounted down on the inner wing on some models, I can only speculate for space reasons as the fuel filter assembly is a bit in the way on the TD's to mount it on the stud where it normally lives on the NA models.

Fact K. Although late model Mardi Gras models were quite well equipped, remote central locking and electric windows in some cases, they appeared (some at least!) to have some odd things missing like an intermittent front wiper. I somehow don't think this was by design as the wiring is there just requiring the other switch and possibly a relay.

Fact L. I'm out of facts that are vaguely interesting.

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Re: Andy's random facts about the 205

Post by Timmo »

The Radio1 ltd Gti is the most saught after due to 150 made iirc, followed closely by Genuine Miami blue gti's, then laser green, Topaz blue was very rare on gti's due to being a bit too Soft a colour to enhance the car, Worked very well on the 309 though!
iirc the GTi Auto's were called Equipe's??
Putting a V6 in a 205 is possible, it goes like absolute Stink, doesnt hold up s0 well if you crash it though! :-D
309 fact. Peugeot Did not want the UK to have the 309 Gti-16 so used the Excuse that the UK's roads were not good enough for the car!
309Gti's were more often referred to as the Ugly sister, the 205 in Drag, Yet it had an inch wider track front and rear and actively out handled the 205's, the 205 people did not like this and took every opportunity to remove the rear beams and lower arms to covert their 205's!;-)
every one that ever owned a 1.6gti Loved the book figures and would Constantly quote them to the owners of 1.9's due to them having a book top speed difference of 2mph, Every 1.9 owner then challenged the 1.6 owner to a Race! for which the 1.6 owners more often Refused! :-D

these are not interesting facts By the way, just tripe i picked up from owning 309's, having 205's in the family and being active ion the PSOC before it had to change its name!;-)

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Re: Andy's random facts about the 205

Post by ACTIVE8 »

Timmo wrote: Putting a V6 in a 205 is possible, it goes like absolute Stink, doesnt hold up s0 well if you crash it though! :-D
309 fact. Peugeot Did not want the UK to have the 309 Gti-16 so used the Excuse that the UK's roads were not good enough for the car!
Yes in that respect the same odd badly thought out idea was apparently applied to the Activa, and we did not see the V6 Activa sold by Citroen.

I would have thought that the opposite was true the roads were good enough for the cars, and we would have have liked to have been able to buy them ex works, as we would like them rather than having to convert them.