Citroen C3 - Modified Cooling Fan

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Citroen C3 - Modified Cooling Fan

Post by addo » 08 Jan 2014, 10:42

I'm not sure how well known this is.

A bit of "exposure" to a fault on C3 and Blingo models with the 1.4 has yielded the common faults thus:

Dash temperature gauge suddenly goes to max, warning light on. Then it stops again and back to normal! Faults come up as "temperature sensor short circuit or open circuit" and "permanent cooling fault in ECU" (my words, not verbatim).

Discovery: These ones seem to have a fan module with electronic control, rather like the cabin fans. It seems that a change in fan operating state can generate the faulty display and stored errors. PSA have revised the fan unit; it now comes with a flying relay.

Question: Has anyone seen a circuit that achieves the same outcome? A new fan is £160+ and I'm loathe to fit used.