German taxed and tested

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German taxed and tested

Post by Clumbsey »

:-D German taxed and tested :-D ... 35cfa58374" onclick=";return false;

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Re: German taxed and tested

Post by Citroenmad »

I imagine that will go! :-D

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Re: German taxed and tested

Post by Timmo »

interesting way to do it, the saxo lump to AX was quite common in the Front of the car!! :-D
was a guy long time back that popped an Mi16 in an AX, that thing would shift, just not very good on the bends due to a gearbox poking half way out of the wheelarch! ;-)
also along a similar line, pugperformance put a gti-6 lump and box in a 106gti, got all manor of stick for it as they didnt weld a stop on the rack and the wheel would hit the box end when traveling if a series of tight corners had to be negotiated! - they did rectify it mind, but the car was not able to maneuver mini roundabouts in one!!