payed for service's

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payed for service's

Post by citronut »

im planning on attempting to use the subscriber service on service citroen, to look into the heating issues with my daughter mobile refrigerator/Synergie,

just thought i'd ask on here if anyone has used it, and how to get to exactly what im looking for in one hit,

as time is dosh ( the Jewish blood syndrome ) i know i know it should all be the green blood by now :rofl2: :wink:

i intend looking up tech info and drawings of the hole heating system, flaps, controls and circuit diagrams

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Post by addo »

Are we talking geschäft now? :lol:

I've used it a few times, in honesty with your professed level of computer ability I suggest a helper or delegate might be handy. Start by creating a separate folder for everything you want to hoover up in the session, before you commence the paid time. Once you've found your way into the paid section (it seems to take about fifteen minutes before you can access it) you'll usually need to re-enter the VIN.

The way I use it is to open each diagram in a separate window and then right click to "save as". I also change the file type to bitmap ("bmp") when saving. This is a bit laborious as I find these preferences need selecting every time. In about 45 minutes I can save each of the three diagrams for every circuit in the car. Keep a notepad handy to track which modules you've opened and copied (saved).

While it's not free, the hourly rate is about £6 and should be 100% deductible either as a self-education expense or work reference materials.