UK price/stockage check please

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UK price/stockage check please

Post by addo » 25 Nov 2013, 10:12

Pug rubber button 9926CA

(605 infra-red fob rubber pushbutton)

Mine have crumbled to nowt within a few days of cracking slightly. :cry: So it's a somewhat urgent quest, without dropping silly money...

I've found 406 ones on Fleabay but they have a different part number, and I'm not sure if the lip around the edge is the same.

Thanks, Adam.

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Re: UK price/stockage check please

Post by citronut » 25 Nov 2013, 14:01

Adam both buttons come up as separate parts/No.'s

6552 P3

9926 CA

this one is the one with the Lion/pug logo on
Reference Description Quantity Price - VAT Price + VAT Total + VAT Selection
00006552P3 CELL REMONTE C 4.51 GBP 5.41 GBP 5.41 GBP

this is the plain one
00009926CA DIAPHRAGM 5.46 GBP 6.55 GBP 6.55 GBP