Citroen c8 wont go into park

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Citroen c8 wont go into park

Post by andy1986 »

hi all I brought a c8 (2005-6) 2.0 16v automatic got it home and I couldn't get it to go into park (sometime it will sometimes it wont) has anyone got any ideas that could cause this.
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Re: Citroën c8 wont go into park

Post by qprdude »

Always worth doing a search of the forum.
Not a lot but I found this thread. There is a mention of a similar problem to yours on the same car I think. If it doesn't make sense, it might be worth a PM to the owner. ... +into+park" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Citroën c8 wont go into park

Post by CitroJim »

The first thing to do is to check the Park solenoid mechanism is not fouling the lever returning to Park.

It will stop you pulling the lever out of Park unless the brake pedal is pressed but should never stop the lever returning to Park. Check by lifting the cover over the selector lever and checking the mechanical operation of the mechanism.

If that’s OK, disconnect the cable from the gearbox selector lever at the gearbox end and try engaging Park manually by manipulating the lever.

Any resistance to engaging Park direct from the gearbox lever indicates an internal mechanical fault with the park pawl within the gearbox. Possibly it has been strained at some point although generally park pawl mechanisms are necessarily very robust but damage is possible from engaging and then disengaging Park on a very steep hill without the use of the handbrake to hold the car at rest.