dashboard bulbs

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dashboard bulbs

Post by froggy »

Hi, my series 1 Xantia , TD. The bulb or bulbs that illuminate the heater controls has blown. How do I access this bulbs? is it a simple job to replace them? thanks in advance Terry. :?
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Re: dashboard bulbs

Post by citroenxm »

Remove the radio surround trim.. two screws at the bottom obscured by the top of the ash tray..

Remove the radio..

Pop the plastic cover off the top of the heater panel.. you might need to remove the four screws for the heater panel to help access.. after the top is removed follow the small wires to the bulb holder which is a long twin lamp holder.. its a fiddle to remove and get back in place mainly the lower bulb is tricky to get back in place.
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Re: dashboard bulbs

Post by Xantidote »

IIRC, and as Paul suggests, there are 2 bulbs, though you may not have noticed when the first one failed. Best renew both whilst you are in there
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Re: dashboard bulbs

Post by oscar »

Stick some led ones in and never have to redo they fit into holders like bulbs(W501's)