Stereo keeps losing its memory

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Stereo keeps losing its memory

Post by xantiagreen »

Hi, I have a 2003/04 Kenwood cd player that I have used in 2 different cars without a problem, I bought the xantia to kenwood lead from Halfords almost 7 years ago it worked in the Xantia mk1 2.0 16v 1996 and then had to get an adaptor to go between the ford mondeo wiring and into the stereo wiring. Yesterday I took the mondeo plugs off and fitted the stereo to the xantia mk2 hdi 2001 everything works and lights up speaker work including dash mounted but everytime I switch the ignition on the cd player make s the insert/eject noise when I have ignition on and when I start it, its really annoying can't think whats happening other than a fuse blown on the car for the stereo's memory.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Stereo keeps losing its memory

Post by SaabC5 »

Switch the red/red and yellow/yellow wires to red/yellow yellow/red. Your switched and permanent live wires are the wrong way around in all probability.
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Re: Stereo keeps losing its memory

Post by Peter.N. »

Yep, you can unplug them to change over.