any one good at welding in lincolnshire

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any one good at welding in lincolnshire

Post by jacksun1987 » 20 Sep 2013, 20:58

My mot is due in January. but i have a hole on the sills near the jacking point. It will fail its mot for sure. I know theres still some time to go. But when winter kicks in. Theres no doubt it will get worst.

Ill have a phone round tomo see how much it will cost.
Got the car dirt cheap. 320 pound. Last may 2012. The only thing it failed on last mot jan 13. was for tyers. And trying to get the doors sorted out And head lights adjustment. That was it.

Its in that dogy stage. Spend money on a car. What cost sod all and ant worth nothing or Scrap it get the road tax .Top up the savings. And find another one. Or do sod all to it. Keep saving up and see what happens in the mot.

Just added some new break pads disks. And i think the sphears have gone. Was driving to day. Then i noticed the ride quality become harder bouncer bit unstable when corning.
Get one thing sorted ie the breaks. Then another thing pops up and another.

A port of me whats to give up whats the point you only fooling your self.
Another part says. All you need to do is a bit more and you'll be sorted be spot on.

THANKS jacko

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Re: any one good at welding in lincolnshire

Post by lexi » 21 Sep 2013, 19:34

A good welder should be able to weld in any county :lol:

Try the mig welding forum as there are many on there doing this kind of thing. Would do it meself for you, if you were in Glasgowshire