Citroen C8 replacing my C5

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Citroen C8 replacing my C5

Post by paulcornwall »

Well with another child on its way I"ve just bought a Citroen C8 HDI. Didn't do much research on them and now realise its due for a cambelt change. A quick call to my local garage revealed a quote of almost £600 just for a belt change without water pump!!!! Geez surely this is not an F15 engine, although I appreciate access can be tight. It's on 104k and I believe 100 k is citroens enthusiasts change interval so need it done ASAP.
Brakes are also very spongy, looking at the brake fluid its black thick fluid so I'm hoping this will sort out the brakes. If I can get these bits done at a reasonable price it will be fantastic for the family but I've read many horror story relating to breaking cambelts, making me feel uneasy. The trusty C5 is still on our drive and I'll be sad to see it go with 170k it goes like a 50k'er but people are scared of the mileage. Anyhow do you guys think the price for a cambelt change is right? And would the appearance of the brake fluid explain the rubbish brakes?
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Re: Citroen C8 replacing my C5

Post by Ben82 »

This is about the only time the stealers are cheaper: ... e-repairs/" onclick=";return false; £295 for essentials for £345 for originals.

Not sure on the brake fluid.