Modern engines with blanked EGR

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Modern engines with blanked EGR

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I was just thinking, dangerous I know. :oops:

I have heard (somewhere) that really modern engines do rely on their EGR system, unlike earlier ones where it was more an addon to please the emission people.

I'm aware the (Nitrogen?) content in the recycled gas will reduce combustion temperatures a bit too. What I heard was more or less turbo life, possibly seals is shortened with a blanked EGR. I guess this would depend on how far its is shortened. My 205TD was still original at a shade under 200K

To me that would say the build / seal quality of modern turbo units is not up to scratch if that really is the case then. Then again some modern units do generate an awful lot of power for their relative capacities too which could result in higher combustion temperatures... :-k