Later AL4 transmissions

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Later AL4 transmissions

Post by spider »

I heard that later AL4 box's ie C4's / C3's etc do not have a drain plug. I'm assuming they just have the smaller 'level' plug/tube thing in the bottom of the casing. I do not have years for specifics but something in the back of my mind says 2006 or 2007.

Question is how do you drain such a transmission ? They still have the software to generate the 'fluid is worn' ie flash both transmission indicators in the display panel. I'm not aware of another suitable location to drain it, aside from pulling a driveshaft out (which is better than nothing) albeit a lot of trouble for partial fluid change.

I do note later MA (I think its MA) manual box's as fitted to the little TU engines now lack a level plug, so you have to measure the quantity to refill. I also seem to think the very early BE box's (4 speeds maybe? around 84/85) did not have a level plug so they have 'reverted' for want of a better phrase to that.

Thoughts / corrections are welcome and appreciated. :)

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Post by addo »

Don't have one in front of me, but pretty sure the MA boxes have a fill/level plug on the rearward side of the case.

AL4s I think deleted the level tube, going instead to a drain plug and specified refill quantity.
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Re: Later AL4 transmissions

Post by Ben82 »

I tried looking at a number of C4 Automatics for sale here (around the 2007-8 ballpark) but all had the "Piloted Manual Gearbox 6" (MC) rather than AL4. The documentation for the AL4 (in General for the C4) and the MC, both show a drain plug.
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