2007 c5 1.6 hdi limp mode antipolution fault

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2007 c5 1.6 hdi limp mode antipolution fault

Post by ststech »

my 2007 c5 1.6 hdi vtx+
ok driving around town or up to about 60mph my partner drove it today after 2 minutes on motor way car went into limp mode and eml came on
when she got back hooked it up to lexia and got 3 codes
p0234 turbo electrovalve excesive flow detected

p2408 remote fault permanent fault fuel filler cap sensor signal

pp1490 permanent fault regeneration not completed regeneration too frequent

cleared faults car running fine again

am thinking of having remap and bloody dpf removed!

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Re: 2007 c5 1.6 hdi limp mode antipolution fault

Post by RichardW »

How many miles has it done? I suspect the the first one brought the limp mode on - it seems pretty common, and possibly / probably relates to an overboost condition - remedies suggested include changing the sensor, changing the air divert valve (which bypasses the intercooler to get the temp up for DPF regen), stripping and de-coking the turbo :cry: I suspect it will come back on..... What is the pressure across the DPF on Lexia?