Service interval indicators

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Service interval indicators

Post by spider »

I was thinking the other day, well compared to other cars I've seen (probably not that many modern ones) how simple and effective the PSA 'spanner' indications are. A simple countdown to the next interval along with it jumping if the time expired.

So much better than trying to measure oil "quality" with a sensor, that's all well and good but the sensor will wear over the years too.

Do any other cars have anything similar ? I'm not really aware of what other marques do apart from ancient BMW's with their 'service light' thing.

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Re: Service interval indicators

Post by Ben82 »

My primera ('03) had a message that popped up on the screen saying something like "service now due" with a big wrench. It was a bit annoying as it would interrupt the reversing camera, as it seemed to be on a slight delay from starting. The other annoying bit was this was also after having it fairly recently serviced at a Nissan dealer, so had to find out how to reset it myself.

In my family we have generally had the car serviced before the MOT (or at the same time) so didn't really need the extra reminder. :) obviously that doesn't work for everyone though.
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