Remote key fun

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Remote key fun

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My remote stopped working a couple of weeks ago, did not really think too much of it as it gave me the chance to sort out the sticky door latch (key bendingly stiff!) all done.

I'd repaired the (new cased!) plip before by attaching a wire from the PCB contact to the battery terminal as the design of the very last RF 106/Saxo remotes is slightly poor in my opinion, and the cases are expensive, you cannot get buttons to fit these types either separately as far as a I know as they are different to the later 306 RF ones. 206/306/406 cases do not fit either (tried several types) as the PCB is a very odd shape.

My replacement case is a 'stand alone' type without the keyslot, designed for very late Saxo's I think. It was not one of the cheapy Ebay ones it was from there but cost just shy of £10 I think, to be fair the quality is excellent. I've had this case for about six months now if not longer. Sadly the seller does not have any good quality ones anymore from what I can tell.

Anyway new battery, did not work. After checking my wiring and the car a little bit. I tested the voltage at the PCB...

0.2v. :D

Moral of this story, even though the "new" battery was well in date (use by 2015) don't rely on it not being faulty. Another new battery and all was immediately well. :oops: :oops: :oops:

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