apprehensive/George Orwell syndrom

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apprehensive/George Orwell syndrom

Post by citronut »

my son has just set up a Drop box account on my Galaxy s2

what do you highly techy types think???

Or Or Or well syndrom????? :o :o :wink:

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Re: apprehensive/George Orwell syndrom

Post by Xaccers »

Drop box is useful, especially for sharing files.
Another is Google's Drive, where you can also create and edit word documents and spreadsheets if you need to.
Both can be set to synchronise with a folder on your computer so is an easy way to get files to and from your phone, however the transfer speeds of Dropbox are not quick, so if you have a lot of files or large files to transfer, plugging the phone into the PC with a USB lead is still quicker.

I have a program which automatically downloads BBC Radio 4 podcasts. I had it configured to save them to my dropbox folder on my PC, so I could then download them to my phone when I was away from home.
Now though, I use Google Play Music, with the podcasts going into a monitored folder and automatically uploaded to Google for me to either download or listen to.

If I were to keep personal documents "in the cloud" I'd use Google drive over Dropbox as I've enabled the enhanced security feature where to access a google service from a new computer/phone or for the first time, I need to enter a code sent to my phone.
So even if someone guesses my password, they still shouldn't be able to access my Google products.

Least secure apears to be Apple's services, as some teenagers managed to gain access to a tech journalist's Apple account, wipe his phone and laptop (with 2 years worth of photos of his baby daughter that he hadn't backed up), without doing any actual computer hacking.