C5 Aircon - radiator fan speed high?

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C5 Aircon - radiator fan speed high?

Post by Johnno »

Hi guys. My 2.2 VTR with climate control has a number of interesting foibles, which I'm now trying to track down and fix. One of the more important ones is that when the aircon is on, the rad fans sometimes switch into high speed. I believe it is supposed to be low speed until a combination of aircon pressure, temperature etc. tells it otherwise but, for a while, this car's fans went to high speed all the time when the aircon button was pushed. I spent some money having it sorted, but I'm not yet convinced that it's 100%. The Xantia had relays, which were usually first on the hit-list but I don't know how the C5 control works. Searching this forum brings up the 'Fan Speed Regulator' in the driver's footwell. Is this for internal fans only, when on auto?

Now, the external temperature sensor shows the outside to be anything from 25C to 40+, even if it's only 10! How does the external temp affect the aircon? To get to the sensor, presumably one has to remove the nearside mirror glass - does this just pull off?

Any info gratefully received.