C5 Spheres

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C5 Spheres

Post by andybsmith » 23 Apr 2013, 06:07

Is it possible to change the front strut spheres without using a lexia? My C5 exc is excessively hard on the front end which makes me think that the front spheres are shot, up to now I have changed the wishbones, droplinks and lower ball joints, but the firmness and excessive roll is still present. It makes no difference if the suspension is in normal or sport mode, harsh ride and excessive roll are still present. Car is a 53 model with 74k on the clock and it wasn't this harsh when I bought it 3 years ago with 59k on it. I propose to crack the spheres with the suspension under full load then place axle stands under the front end, lower the car onto those and then remove the lds pump fuse to stop the pump from trying to pressurise the system. Hopefully I will have enough room to crawl underneath and loosen the bleed nut.

Any thoughts hints or tips would be appreciated guys (and Gals)