Getting Spare Keys

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Getting Spare Keys

Post by Ben82 »

Wasn't sure whether this should go under the recommended sites, or under here :)

Note: This doesn't cover key fob remotes, but general consensus appears to be - don't buy second hand key fobs as you won't get them working, and will be a waste of money.
Note2: My Experience here only covers the C5, I don't expect other cars that have a similar setup to be really any different.

As above this covers getting a spare key without any bells and whistles, generally a key that you'd hope never needs to be used, but is there ready in case it does.

What you'll need:
  • Your 4 Character IMMO Code from you confidential card that you should have gotten with your car (in all likelihood a previous owner removed it and never passed it on!). If you don't have it, you may be able to get it for free from your dealer, or other places online by jumping through a number of hoops, but will not go into that here.
  • The mechanical key code (about 7 digits), or take a clear digital photograph of your existing key.
  • Access to a Lexia, either your own or hopefully find someone nearby who can help.
I got my key from, specificallly this one. There are other sites such as" onclick=";return false;, but I found their site to be a bit confusing on the key cutting side.

I took a photo on my digital camera, had the key sitting on my wallet, with macro mode on, and diverting the flash with some folded paper (to provide enough light, but not get glare off the key), I didn't have the luxury of sunlight at the time, but the days are getting longer so you might be able to do away with the flash altogether.

Uploaded the image on the form, put in the year of my car, requested it with a transponder, and cut. Comes to £19.50, and I think delivery to the UK is about £1.50 (it was about £2.50 or so for me if I recall for getting it shipped to Sweden).

Then wait for the key to come.

Getting it paired to the car is fairly simple:
  • Try the key in the door to unlock, to test the cut is fine. (if you have a remote fob, then before opening the door, press the unlock button to disable to the alarm)
  • Connect up the lexia
  • Go into Diagnostics - Global Test - BSI - Learning - Key Programming.
  • Put in the 4 character IMMO code that you have.
  • Follow on screen instructions for putting the keys in the ignition etc
  • Resync any remote fobs
  • Check you can start the car with the new key.
  • Put Spare key in a safe place.
(Note: my new key did sound a little scratchy in the ignition (no difficulty in turning at all), but I believe this is from it being a fresh sharp cut, as opposed to my current key being rounded off over years of use.)
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Re: Getting Spare Keys

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

When I got my code for my previous Xantia from Citroen (before I was a member of the forum), they charged me about £10 two years ago. They just needed the reg.

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Re: Getting Spare Keys

Post by deano1970 »

same here ben. my key arrived today and fits the door locks perfectly and turns the ignition on no problem...does feel a little tighter as you say, but as it's just been cut I guess it will have sharp edges etc where they have worn down with the old keys....quite brilliant that they can cut a perfect key from a digital photo and if someone just told you that, you probably wouldn't believe it. And the fact that they provide you with the mechanical key code if you never had one is really good....very good site and very good price.....give it a go if you need a spare key :-D

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Re: Getting Spare Keys

Post by Diabolical »

Found one problem when programming new key for C5 R that I bought from Citroen.
Loaded Lexia BSI - programming - replacement key.

I go through all the instructions put 1 key to be done, "mistake" key coded no problem and worked fine. However my existing key didn't :? so I go through it again and re-code existing key fine works OK Again new coded key didn't :(

So I go through process again and put 2 in the amount box, go through process re-doing both keys :-D

Seems ECU remembers how many keys you have from amount you select :?: :?: