BX in TV Commercial/Advert !

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BX in TV Commercial/Advert !

Post by XMX »

For those folks who are not on the BXC forum and maybe unaware and may miss the topic !

For the full story/topic CLICK-HERE !




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Re: BX in TV Commercial/Advert !

Post by CitroJim »

Bet Victor Online Casino? What the chuff is that all about?

They might have used the BX for advertising something worthwhile rather than some gambling den :evil:

How demeaning for the poor thing.

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Re: BX in TV Commercial/Advert !

Post by Citroening »

I didn't think it was too bad really...! 8-[ :lol:

It's only meant to be light hearted and a joke with the Carsino theme - sure it's a bit of a shame a few BXs have been used up (although one will be sold on apparently, having used three cars). IMO it's only metal at the end of the day, they weren't particularly rare BX models (OK still nice) however it will possibly give the model some publicity.