whats the fix

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whats the fix

Post by citronut »

02 pug 307 2.0HDI 110
fault codes coming up are

intermittent fault particle filter
particulate emission filter overload ????,
i presume this means is blocked,

intermittent fault fuel temp signal
short circuit to positive or circuit open

were would you highly techy types start with these or are they linked

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Re: whats the fix

Post by 407iain »

You could take the car for a good booting for 20/30 miles see if it helps the filter. It sounds to me like its due a regen and it isnt doing it maybe due to not getting driven properly. EG, getting hot and driven with enough gusto to work the engine.
FAP cars dont like tootling around town as it buggers the filter up. Besides, giving any car a good beasting every now and again does it good :)
This is something I keep telling my old man, as he does a lot of town driving in his 407. I'm lucky, I did my research and bought an X- Line.
I think the other one points to a loose/faulty fuel tank temp sensor.

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Re: whats the fix

Post by DickieG »

First thing to do re the particle filter is to do a forced regeneration with Lexia, get the car up to running temperature and have over 1/4 tank of fuel in it, start the regeneration and stand well back from the exhaust as it'll feel like a furnace :wink:

If that doesn't clear it and the car has done over 100k miles it might be time for a new DPF, however I notice that on Citroen Service they now offer another type of Eolys specifically for high mileage cars so that might be worth investigating.

Re the temp sensor I'd start with a connector wiggle test/clean of the relevant sensors connector.