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Back again

Post by Jaine »

hey guys & gals,
What a couple of months since I was last here. Got married (was meant to be next may) but thought why wait. Sold the Starlet & possibly selling the 205gti as just got my 4th Williams =D> :-D BUT been ripped off badly enough to be going through small claims court. :evil:
Never mind, oh & just bought an XJ8.....ridiculous money for the amount of car.

Hope you all well

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Re: Back again

Post by CitroJim »

Hi Jaine :-D

Good to see you back!!! And congratulations on getting married =D>

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Post by addo »

Yes, welcome back.

As a believer in Murphy, I've always been afraid to take the plunge, convinced that it will immediately flush out an even better prospect post-haste. Good to see not every car nut has analysis paralysis on this matter!