The work programme you are not classed as unemployed

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The work programme you are not classed as unemployed

Post by Welshy_Pete »

The goverment are saying unemployment has fallen. But there more lies yet again due to the fact. The Work programme that people go on after 6 months you are not classed as unemployed.

Also alot of people are in tempory work or part time. The ones on the work programme are still unemployed just not counted as there not with the job centre but a provider. Basicly in other words there hiding the real big unemployment figures and how serious things really are.

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Re: The work programme you are not classed as unemployed

Post by handyman »

All governments massage these figures to their own ends, they always have done and always will. They never take into account the real 'hidden' unemployed, those who are self-employed and struggling to find work daily, as they cannot log into the 'unemployed status' as they are never recognised as such.

Its all a bit of a mess and shows just how badly run this country is, and I'm not gripping about this current lot, the last lot of numpties were equally as bad, if not worse, as they did leave the country right in the merde. With voter apathy, we only get what we deserve! :shock:

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Post by addo »

It's global, or at least across the first world countries.

I like self-employment but it really is a double-edged sword. Creaming it right now, but in a month work may be dead.