Pic request - TUD5 Sump

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Pic request - TUD5 Sump

Post by spider »

I don't suppose anyone has a picture of inside of a TUD5 sump to hand do they please ? :)

A cursory image search via Google did not reveal anything.

I do not recall ever taking one of these off, so I wanted to see any baffling if fitted to determine a couple of things. Suction drain mainly.

I do know a modification was done to the DW8 to permit this, although I'm not sure if this was the sump or otherwise, seems difficult to say given obviously the dipstick does not touch the bottom of the sump so I assume "something" was moved slightly to allow the tube to reach the bottom. I should check DW8's over their lifetime to see if the sump part numbers changed really. Although I could not see any change in a TUD5 sump.

I do plan on removing the drain plug afterwards to determine how effective or otherwise this method is. Yes I know its not a good idea on the 1.6HDi units, although without going off topic I think they would stand it quite well subject to 6 or even 9K changes instead of double figures. ;)