Pug 206 1.4 HDI, climate control retro install enquiry?

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Pug 206 1.4 HDI, climate control retro install enquiry?

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Hello French car Forum members!,

its been a while since i was last on but need help to get my 206 1.4 hdi good before winter, i have a question!

is it possible to "retro install" auto climate control rather than the 3 dials and 2 switches of my current A/C and heated rear window switch?

I am suspecting i would need either the backing heater unit complete with electric flap valves/motor servos and then a digital Auto climate control panel similar to that off GTI's etc and their associated wiring, but could it be fitted into a 2004 multiplex system?

Has anyone attempted it?

if anyone has any advice on parts , wiring connector plugs and servos, it would be greatfully appreciated.


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Re: Pug 206 1.4 HDI, climate control retro install enquiry?

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The digital GLX one ? I assume you already have AC otherwise its going to be even more difficult...

You will need:

The panel assembly
The heater box itself (dash out for this) , may need to have AC evac'ed to get the box out and back again.
The dash loom for a climate equipped car
Possibly the fusebox from said donor as well

You may need to have the BSI tweaked to allow for this, I'm not 100% sure if you will need a different BSI or not or if its adjustable for such a thing.

Under the bonnet, it should be about the same assuming you already have AC you'll have the bitron parts here already.

Its going to be very difficult. If you really really wanted it, I'd suggest you swap the BSI / dash loom / heaterbox from the donor and in theory that might do it but I've never been asked this before so I'm not 100%

it is a bit of a non starter unless you can obtain all the parts from one donor ideally.

On a pre-plexed car, I'd probably want to change the whole front end loom as well, it may be slightly easier with a non multiplexed vehicle as there's slightly less to go wrong but its a major undertaking.