205 CJ Convertible - is it worth restoring?

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205 CJ Convertible - is it worth restoring?

Post by jrmond »

I found this black and white 205 beauty for exchange and i was wondering how hard is to restore a piece like this?
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Re: 205 CJ Convertible - is it worth restoring?

Post by CitroJim »

Mechanically, they are just a basic TU-engined 205 so nothing remotely scary there at all.

However, in a convertible you will invariably have rust to contend with and this could be pretty extensive. before you start, a full check of all the structural areas would be advisable.

I believe hoods, which do suffer badly and make an otherwise tidy car look scruffy, are expensive,..

A 205CJ is worth doing if structurally good as they look fantastic and drive a treat...

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Re: 205 CJ Convertible - is it worth restoring?

Post by spider »

They are nice. If I remember correctly some had the 'denim' style interior.

I can only recall seeing the CJ with the TU3 (the 1.4 unit) with a carb fitted although that's fine as the single carb TU when properly setup is quite lively, certainly more so than the same unit in say a newer car with monopoint injection. I also seem to think they did not have PAS, but I could be mistaken on that, but a retro fitment is not impossible.

I do know they tend to leak a bit though, I do remember when I used to clean cars at a dealership the CJ's would really leak water in if you were not very careful with a hose.

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