How to Confuse a Welshman...

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How to Confuse a Welshman...

Post by CitroJim »

True story...

I was in Aberystwyth the other day, taking Robyn back to Uni...

It so happened I wanted a drink and a quick snack. I proceeded to visit a small supermarket in the vicinity of the first-year Uni halls.

I got my bottle of water and flapjack and proceeded to the only till open. In front of me was a queue of Freshers all laden down with cases of beer.

I noted the cashier was asking each Fresher to show their driving licence. Obviously as proof of age to buy booze.

As my turn came up I duly showed him my driving licence.

He looked perplexed. I offered that I thought it was some special Welsh regulation that each shopper must show their driving licence when making a purchase. I further explained that I was English and thus unfamiliar with Welsh custom...

He looked even more perplexed and the entire transaction was conducted with him not uttering one word; intelligible or otherwise.

I enjoyed it immensely...

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Re: How to Confuse a Welshman...

Post by Jaine »


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Re: How to Confuse a Welshman...

Post by citronut »

thats a bit like if on ocifer of the loowar stops you and asks if you have anything to drink in the last half an hour, and you reply yes ocifer,
so he promptly gets out the breathalyser and you ask doers that work with coffee

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Re: How to Confuse a Welshman...

Post by Citroenmad »

Brilliant! :lol:

Freshers week is always an interesting time :roll: