Started on my shed in the Garage.

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Started on my shed in the Garage.

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My CX 25Tri Auto Safari that I have owned for 4 years. Used to use for work in the summer but fuel consumption to high for short journeys I do, even worse than Xantia 2.0l TCT much worse!
While ago a Class B write of Gti T2 Leather Interior appeared at U-Pullit Motor dismantlers in York for £275, as it’s class B the Chassis cannot leave yard for commercial use or back on the road, so you have 7 hours to take what you can.
So a mate and I hired a transit got down to York early morn and started to dismantle, they kindly removed engine gearbox for me the rest was just get on with it, we practically stripped of everything filled a large transit. 2 weeks later realised left behind Injection ECU, driveshafts, BONNET & various other not so important bits.
Leather interior went in my GTi T2.
Always fancied a CX 25GTi Turbo 2 Safari, so project 2! Replace seats and doorcard to T2 velour, we took dash and every other interior part going so what will fit in Safari shell all the rest I’m painting black. Also intend to insulate car as best I can. Most importantly Turbo 2 engine, gearbox, starting on interior first.
Whole intention is create a Micro camper (sympathetically so rear seats can be put back in back to Safari use) and do LPG conversion.