Thanks to the forum and it's members

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Thanks to the forum and it's members

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As Subject really, ok I'll add some more info.

I have replaced my track rod inner and both track rod ends and also changed my anti-sink sphere. The job was made much easier thanks to the members of this forum and their experiences.
The jobs took about 2 hours in total, although I must add that I changed the wishbone bushes a few weeks back (again thanks to the members and that youtube video) which made the track rod inner that bit easier.
For those wondering about the track rod inner, it was the offside (drivers side) and once the wishbone is removed it's easy access for a pair of mole grips ... mine wasn't that tight and was a doddle to undo, I also applied some threadlock when I put on the replacement.

It's been a while since the front end was silent, with no knocking.

Cheers, Lee.

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Re: Thanks to the forum and it's members

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Always nice to hear positive feedback. :)