Air con leak? 2002 scenic

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Air con leak? 2002 scenic

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Hi all, had system recharged about two weeks ago,then noticed dripping at front of car thought it was oil leak
but it was not it was ac with yellow dye.anyway found where leak was coming from there is a connection on bottom left of
condenser. tried to nip it up but there was not play in 10 mm bolt so run ac again and leak stopped ,ac still working not sure
how efficiently i thought it had crack in the pipe very close to connection about 1/2 mm if that but now think it's from the O ring in connection are these special or can i use any type of O ring? and does anyone know why it has stopped leaking
i thought it would continue that's why i think it's the O ring and not fracture in the pipe. any help much appreciated. Just to confirm ac is still working. :oops: