Me and Citroens

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Me and Citroens

Post by Ratheram »

I thought Ild start a blog, its free afterall :-D

Well, Ive recently changed cars from my rather modified Xantia Exclusive to a DS3. (The Xantia is for sale by the way).


Its a brand new Ds3 Dstyle+ 1.6 Vti and Im first owner :). Well pleased with it, shes a lil beast. My first hatchback, first 3 door, first car on normal springs and normal Dot4 brake system in my 5 years of driving so, I really didnt know what to expect. I havnt yet put my foot to the floor or gave it a thrashing as, even though I was told there is no bedding in needed, I dont believe that. Ok, its not as comfortable as the Xantia. Thats the 1st thing I noticed. Im getting used to it, from what Ive found so far, it grips very well but has a few little bits that let it down. ESP grrr!!! Horrible.


It come to quite a suprise to everybody, I didnt intend on buying it, I was in my local dealer looking at a DS3 and he gave me a brochure and prices. That was the point of no return. 3 weeks later, I was an owner. It was quite an un natural choice, what me being a mountain biker, the DS3 isnt practical. I cant chuck spades, shovels, rakes, tools and gear in the boot, roll up a bumpy forrest track with 4 bikes on the roof with 4 mates in the car, end up leaving the radio on all day, starting it every 3 hours to charge the battery. The DS3 is a great car to look at, great for the driver and 1 passenger comfort and great to drive but practically, no. It isnt too bad on fuel either. I wouldnt say I regret buying it mind you :) .

I wasnt overly keen on the other colours on offer, The AA yellow and the blue didnt suite, the red would only look good with white wheels and roof so, white + black it was. Keeping it clean is another thing haha :roll: . I managed to get a bikerack for the boot from my local bike shop as the dealer I got the car from wouldnt sell me roof bars "as it doesnt look good with them on". Totally agree, never seen 1 with roof bars but can imagine it ruins it. Got a few little extras thrown in, floor mats, chrome rear light caps and the alu footrest. Dont think Ild even modify my Ds3, its too good for that, its perfect as it is performance wise and handling. If I wanted quicker, I would have got the sport... My Ds3 is half the price tax as the Xantia and around £200 cheaper to insure a year too and what with the trip computer averaging 39.2mpg at the mo unlike the xantia where around 30mpg was tops, I would be saving a bit a year.

Have the "photo of the weekend" 8-) . Me on my bike. The height of the take off is around the roof height of my mates standard Discovery. The distance, well, you can work that out and the top of the landing is were the hi-vis yellow post is. :twisted:

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Re: Me and Citroëns

Post by Trainman »

I love the DS3, It's cracking to look at and it just oozes fun. I'd love a DS3 Racing, but getting is about as likely as me buying a brand new C6................ having said than, you just never know :wink:
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Re: Me and Citroëns

Post by CitroJim »

I love the DS3 too. Refreshingly different in a world of bland. I'm not too over-smitten by the grille though... But I can forgive it for that.
Trainman wrote: having said than, you just never know :wink:
There's always the lottery... Gotta be in it to win it :wink:

I won it the other day.... only a tenner though :(
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Re: Me and Citroëns

Post by Citroenmad »

The DS3 is really growing on me and the offers at the moment are tempting. I would have to have it in bright yellow with yellow cloth seats and black roof and dash, superb! It does look very good in white though 8-)

In a way its a shame you couldn't get the roof mounted bike rack, as tailgate mounted ones can be a bit iffy. I have two and they can sway about more than I would like and on a long run I find you have to keep a check on the tightness of the straps. I have a towbar mounted Tule rack now which is superb.

That is quite some height! :lol: